Tuesday, March 8, 2011

BT06 transcription of organ music "A Prey to Griff" - Linocut/cdr - first edition (NZ)

Damon Bird, "Leaf Litter Head", Linocut, 2011

A Prey to Griff is the first release from transcription of organ music since 2009's Songs from the Great Lake, pictured above is the first edition featuring the "Leaf Litter Head" artwork - 30 hand-printed (with a Tablespoon)/hand-typewriter typed/stamped/signed & numbered Linocut & cdr copies. This was sold exclusively while on tour in New Zealand in February 2011 (no more of these sorry..).

*Subsequent editions will feature unique artwork in a series.

transcription of organ music
"A Prey to Griff"

1. beneath the salty sea
2. eye for an eye
3. travers
4. devotion
5. when we lay down
6. a farmers work is never done

Recorded at Birdtree HQ over two days in the spring of 2009 by James Tulczyn
Mastered in Shelbyville, Kentucky & San Francisco by Paul Oldham
Played by Damon Bird, Andy Brazendale & Michael Valentine

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