Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A.Wallace lathe-cut 7" Launch

Way back in 2009 I asked Aaron if he'd like to collaborate on this little project that I had in my mind, whereby I'd invite songwriters that I knew to produce two self-recorded/field recorded songs for a lathe-cut 7" in a place or locality that held some kind of special significance to them. They would provide me with those two recordings along with a small piece of writing on the experience and circumstances surrounding the time and place of the recording, and I would produce an artwork in response, to accompany the limited edition lathe release on Birdtree Recordings.

The idea was to do this as a series of collaborations, and Aaron was the first person I thought of as he is an artist who fully embraces the idea of no-frills field recording In the way that he goes about presenting his music. We'd played a number of shows together in Melbourne that Aaron had helped put together in such places as an old gutted warehouse (being used as a car park) that was the site of some crazy axe-murder, an incredibly acoustically resonant underground tunnel, houses, ware-houses and the like - and always had a fantastic experience connecting to those places by way of performing in them musically.

Aaron was immediately enthusiastic about the project and made plans to venture into the dessert near Broken Hill to visit his friend and record the songs - which he did by a campfire into a cassette dictaphone not long after.

This edition of 30 7" records were individually lathe-cut onto transparent polycarbonate by Peter King in New Zealand, and are enclosed in an edition of 30 drypoint etching sleeves handprinted by myself.
When I first asked Aaron, I didn't think it would take two years to complete this first 7" in the series, but it has been two years in the making, so we're pretty stoked to finally be releasing it into the world on Saturday the 18th of June, in Hobart.

Performing at the show:

Drunk Elk
The Love In
Gutter Parties
Crude Vessels

*this event will not be in a traditional local venue, watch this space and we'll keep you posted on the locality details, and hope to see you there!

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